“PMIX” introduces a newly designed laboratory concrete pan mixer lab series for mixing small quantities of concrete used in the preparation of concrete cubes, for testing in laboratories. The purpose of the mixer is to smear mechanically the aggregate surface with cement paste uniformly & produce a mix of uniform consistency. The laboratory concrete pan mixer developed is transportable on wheels. The design of mixing paddles ensures uniform & efficient mixing of cement & aggregates both in dry & wet conditions. This machine is suitable for aggregate sizes up to 20mm. The equipment can also be put to use for mixing any other material in dry/wet conditions.

A team of the best experts in the field and skilled workers manufactured the laboratory concrete pan mixer while giving their full attention to their assigned task. To meet the needs of our clients, all of these products are offered in various sizes.

Lab Series Models

  • PM Lab 40
  • PM Lab 60
  • PM Lab 80
  • PM Lab 100